County Schools Facility Sales Tax

What is the Illinois County Schools Facility Sales Tax?

Public Act 97-0542 - Since 2007, Illinois voters have had the option to approve a 1% County Schools Facility Tax (commonly known as a sales tax), that shifts facility funding away from property taxes.


What gets Taxed?

Items that are currently subject to sales tax will be subject to the CSFT. (No new items are taxed.) Some items are exempt from the CSFT.


What is exempt from CSFT?

Groceries, Medicine, Vehicles, Mobile Homes, ATV’s, RV’s, Seed, Fertilizer, Farm Equipment & Parts/Inputs.


Impact Cost Examples with CSFT Applied

 $100 Groceries

No increase

$35 Gas

35 cents increase

$13,000 Car

No increase

$8 Fast Food

8 cents increase

$40 Medicine

No increase

$600 TV

$6 increase

$200,000 Tractor

No increase


 How can money be used?

The money can only be used for certain purposes including: paying off facility debt and reducing property taxes, building new school facilities, renovating current facilities, improving building safety security, hiring school resource officers, and. hiring mental health providers.  

Money may NOT be used to pay teacher/administrator salaries, supplies, or textbooks


Who decides how money is used?

All financial decisions are made exclusively by local school boards.


How much New Money would SALT FORK receive if Implemented?

Each school district in the county would receive a portion of sales tax money based on student enrollment. The most recent projection for Salt Fork is approximately $408,000 each year.


How would SALT FORK use the money? 

Priority #1: Limit the Need to Increase Property Taxes

The District is facing some large facility needs.  These either have to be paid with property taxes or with revenue from the sales tax. Every dollar spent from sales tax revenue is one less dollar that must be spent with property taxes.


Priority #2: Improve Facilities

  • Replace heating systems and install air conditioning throughout the district. Engineers have told us that our heating systems are at the end of their lives and must be replaced.  Adding AC at the same time will be cheaper than adding it separately.
  • Install energy-efficient windows and lighting.
  • Finish replacing roofs throughout the district.
  • Improve exterior lighting.
  • Renovate restrooms.


Priority #3: Increase Student Safety and Well-Being

  • Improve building safety by adding protective film to glass entrances, adding door safety mechanisms, and improving video surveillance.
  • Increase social work support for students.
  • Explore the addition of School Resource Officers at each campus.


56 of 102 Counties Passed CFST in Illinois 

Champaign Co. began the CFST in 2010 and has provided Property tax relief and major school facility improvements since implementation. Do you spend money in Champaign? If so you already pay CSFT and help fund schools in Champaign County.


What voters will see on the March 17th ballot

Shall a retailers’ occupation tax and a service occupation tax (commonly referred to as “Sales Tax”) be imposed in Vermilion County at a rate of one (1) percent to be used exclusively for school facility purposes, school resource officers, and mental health professionals?

Voters will be asked to vote “Yes” or “No”. A simple majority vote is required for passage.


Voting Information

March 17, 2020, is a primary election. You may register with Vermilion County Clerk by February 18, 2020. Online registration extends until March 1, 2020. Grace period registration runs February 19 until March 16. Early voting begins February 6 until March 16. If you have voting questions, contact the Vermilion County Clerk at 554-1915.


For More Information Contact

Mr. Phil Cox, Superintendent

(217) 427-2116