E-Learning/Remote Learning Plan


  • E-Learning - Instruction that takes place through online platforms where computers are needed.
  • Remote Learning - Instruction that takes place with the use of packets/worksheets where computers are not needed.


E-Learning vs. Remote Learning by Level:

  • High School - All high school teachers will be using E-LEARNING.
  • Junior High - Junior High teachers will predominantly use E-LEARNING but may supplement with REMOTE LEARNING.  
  • Elementary - A combination of E-LEARNING and REMOTE LEARNING will be used depending on the teacher. Teachers that will be using E-learning will contact parents to let them know. 


Distribution of Materials

  • Tuesday, March 31 - The initial distribution of packets and Chromebooks 
    • Hours: 7am-10am; 3pm-6pm.  
      • Please make every effort to pick up materials during this time period.  If you absolutely cannot make these times work, email your building principal.  
    • Pick-Up Locations: 
      • North Elementary students - North Elementary cafeteria doors (Please enter from Fleming on the elementary side and exit out the high school side to keep traffic flowing.)
      • Junior High and South Elementary students - South Campus main doors
      • You MUST pick-up packets/chromebooks at the campus where your student attends school.
    • Process: 
      • Parents will pull up and stay in their cars.  Please pop the trunk or the back of the car. 
      • A staff member will ask for your student’s name, grade level, and teacher (if elementary).   
      • The appropriate materials will be brought and placed in the back of your car.
      • Please note that these procedures are for the safety of our staff.
    • What to pick up:
      • High School - There is NOTHING to pick up for high school students on Tuesday.  Do NOT come on Tuesday.
      • Junior High:
        • EVERY junior high student will receive a Chromebook.
        • Students that have Ms. Nolan, Ms. Puzey, or Mr. Baccadutre will ALSO receive a packet.  (Please tell the staff member if your student has one of these teachers when you pull up so the staff member knows which packet to grab.)
      • Elementary:
        • EVERY elementary student will receive a packet.
        • If your elementary teacher has notified you that your student needs access to a computer and if you do not have a computer at home, please request a Chromebook from the staff member on Tuesday.  (Please only request a Chromebook if your teacher has told you that you need one AND if your child does not have access to a computer at home. We have a limited number of Chromebooks at the elementary level.)  Login instructions will be provided.  
    • Every following Tuesday (beginning with Tuesday, April 7) will be a packet exchange day.  Parents that have been notified by teachers will need to return completed packets and pick up new ones.
      • Hours: 7am-9am; 4pm-6pm
      • All other procedures will be the same as March 31.


Procedures for E-Learning and Remote Learning:

  • E-Learning and Remote Learning will begin on Wednesday, April 1.
  • E-Learning and Remote Learning will be predominantly self-paced. Teachers will either upload assignments to Google Classroom (E-Learning) or include assignments in the weekly packets (Remote Learning.)  Assignment and assessments due dates will be communicated to students. Teachers may choose to occasionally host live sessions on platforms such as Google Hangouts.  The following chart is a suggested guideline for how much time a student should spend daily on E-Learning/Remote Learning by grade level:

Grade Level



Recommended Length

of Sustained Attention


20 minutes/day

60 minutes/day

3-5 minutes


30 minutes/ day

90 minutes/day

3-5 minutes


45 minutes/day

90 minutes/day

5-10 minutes


60 minutes/day

120 minutes/day

10-15 minutes


Class: 15 minutes/day

Total: 90 minutes/day

Class: 30 minutes/day

Total: 180 minutes/day

1 subject area or class


Class: 20 minutes/day

Total: 120 minutes/day

Class: 45 minutes/day

Total: 270 minutes/day

1 subject area or class


  • Content: Teachers may do some review at the beginning but E-Learning/Remote Learning will focus mainly on covering NEW content.
  • Grading:  
    • When appropriate, teachers will continue to give assessments and grade them during E-Learning/Remote Learning.  
    • Per the state, any grades taken during E-Learning/Remote Learning will NOT negatively impact a student’s overall grade.  In other words, a student can improve on their current grade during E-Learning/Remote Learning but their current grade CANNOT decrease.  Please note that a student who was currently failing a course prior to the closure will receive a failing grade for the semester if they do not bring their grade up to at least a D by the end of the school year.
    • JH/HS school students that need to complete a retake from before we closed will be given the opportunity to do so.  
  • There will be no required E-Learning/Remote Learning on weekends, holidays, or teacher planning days. These days will be communicated to parents and students.  
  • Communication: If you or your child has a question about the content/learning/grading as E-Learning/Remote Learning progresses, please send an EMAIL directly to the teacher.  Good communication with teachers will be the best way to help your child.
    • Email addresses can be found on each school’s website by clicking on “Contact Us.”  
    • Emails sent BEFORE 1pm will be answered the same day as soon as possible by the teacher.
    • Emails sent AFTER 1pm will likely be answered the next day.
    • Please do NOT contact the building principal unless you have already contacted the teacher and have been unable to resolve the issue.
  • Wifi Access: If you do NOT have Internet access at home, we are setting up free wifi hubs in four locations.  You will NOT need to enter the building or even leave your car. Simply pull up the wifi hub and your school-issued Chromebook will automatically connect to the Internet.  
    • Locations:
      • North Campus - Park near Ag shop or near Mr. Dowing’s room.
      • South Campus - Park near cafeteria doors.
      • Fairmount - Park near the old fire station along Main St.
      • Sidell - Park near Post Office on Market St.
    • A HUGE THANK YOU to Carl Davis and Brad Davis of Rising Wireless for providing the FREE wifi hubs in Fairmount and Sidell!!!
  • If you have any problems with your school-issued Chromebook or other technology-related issues, email   
  • Students with Special Needs - Individualized Remote Learning Plans will be created for students with IEPs.  Case managers will work with general education teachers to address the learning needs of students with special needs.  Any student experiencing homelessness and in need of assistance should contact Joe Hageman, district homeless liaison, at
  • Transition back to on-site learning
    • If school is able to resume prior to the end of the school year, teachers may decide to spend some time reviewing information that was covered during E-Learning/Remote Learning to address any learning gaps.
    • If school is not able to resume until the next school year, teachers will similarly review material as needed to address learning gaps. 


E-Learning/Remote Learning days count as instructional days.  As a result, our last day of student attendance is still scheduled for Thursday, May 28.   


Formal Salt Fork E-Learning Plan - Approved by Regional Office of Education